Organisational development

Meet the demands of the fast-changing world of work.

Could your company perform better? Of course! Organisational development addresses structure, process, people and purpose to improve company relevance, equity and effectiveness.

Targeted interventions align human behaviour with strategy, systems and objectives to impact real-world, meaningful change.

Organisational Design

Organisational design starts with honest reflection: What is our company’s purpose? Is our current structure helping us deliver on that purpose? If not, a redesign of organisational architecture may increase efficiency, invigorate employees, reduce costs and unbox new areas of capability.

No company is the same and there is no blueprint for success. Our action-research approach is highly consultative, reflective and iterative, working with you from the onset.

Our expertise

Accurate insight
Recommendations are based on research, assessment and in-depth understanding

Change custodians
A dedicated project team is identified and consulted throughout

We meet objectives
Open communication and eyes on why enable a collaborative, painless process

Change management
We implement for best success by devising a change management plan to support roll-out

Performance Management

In order to grow and achieve performance objectives, both leaders and employees need to be intentional in their efforts. They also need to create engaging work and environments and platforms where employees can learn and challenge themselves to perform better.

Orgro can support your business to perform better:

Holistic performance management planning

Performance does not happen in isolation. It is an amalgamation of various elements, on an organisational and individual level.

Factors to consider include:

  • Goal setting
  • Job profiling
  • Performance management systems
  • Engagement and motivation
  • Recognition, compensation and reward schemes (relevant to lifecycle and generations)

Let Orgro partner with you to establish or revive your:

  • Performance Policy
  • Performance Management Programme / System
  • Performance interventions and reward programmes

Work engagement

Engagement is seen to be a significant predictor of performance. Whilst numerous factors contribute towards engagement and performance, the highest contributor is shown in the job itself – i.e.: how immersed I become in my job and identify a sense of purpose.

Let Orgro support you in constructing jobs that boost work engagement to encourage employee performance.

Equip your leaders with Performance Management Practices and Coaching Skills that promote performance

Performance management practices have an increased focus on people, their development and quality conversations that help to reduce obstacles in performance.

Orgro can assist you to equip your leaders with skills to:

  • Coach employees: by training them on how to be a Coach that extracts the best performance from their people
  • Lead a performance discussion: by attending our Performance Management programme, leaders will be better equipped to facilitate a performance discussion.
  • Create Personal Development Plans: by using various assessment measures target pertinent development needs, for example, behavioural assessments, 360 degree reviews, or aptitude assessments, to name a few.

Additional Services:

  • Orgo can support the developmental objectives of employees through our structured and customised training programs.
  • Orgro offers various psychometric assessments and surveys which measure areas such as engagement, motivation, values, behaviour, aptitude, to name a few, all of which contribute to increased performance.



Change Management

Change is the new normal. Yet it brings with it the baggage of uncertainty, stress and hampered productivity. To lead through change is a critical skill that requires partnership, support and ever-present communication.

We work alongside you to facilitate your change management project. We employ an action-research approach that necessitates shared responsibility, demands accountability and involves the organisation; from staff to Exco, from start to finish.

Conflict and Mediation

However unavoidable, conflict costs. Our conflict resolution is systematic and reviews the environment, structure, role/s and interpersonal contributing factors within the team, organisation or colleagues experiencing the conflict. Our aim is to save time, mitigate loss and guide those in conflict to effective resolution.


Surveys help you speak to the people who matter most. They provide clarity on the inner workings of your organisation.

Our surveys:


Climate directly influences behaviour. The climate survey is an objective indication of the present attitudes, opinions, behaviours and perceptions of people in your organisation.

Climate survey constructs include but are not limited to

  • Work environment
  • Quality of work life
  • Values
  • Leadership practices
  • Communication
  • Rewards and benefits
  • Teamwork
  • Processes

Climate survey objectives

  • Focus on organisational needs and leverage strengths
  • Identify pivotal trends that may facilitate development
  • Provide management with feedback on organisational health
  • Measure the impact of current programs, policies and procedures
  • Motivate employees and improve job satisfaction


A healthy culture makes or breaks a workday and, ultimately, a business. The culture survey is a holistic evaluation of the personality, characteristics and values of your organisation. Key drivers determine motivation and indicate benchmarks.


Engaged people are people you want to work with! An engagement survey is a key predictor of loyalty, emotional and practical commitment. It assesses whether people are likely to invest time, skills and creativity into your organisation, or if they are all but clocked out.

Understanding the drivers and/or inhibitors of engagement affords you great opportunity to leverage, correct and develop present systems.

The Organisational Well-being survey

The COVID-19 Organisational Well-being survey addresses both the practical concerns of workers and their ability to meet their objectives while maintaining social distancing.

The organisation well-being survey encompasses the following areas:

  • Employee well-being and health: Individual ability to cope with the current situation and maintain healthy levels of stress and perspective.
  • Work environment and tools: Availability and sustainability of infrastructure and tools to perform effectively.
  • Adapting to the way of work: Adaptability of employees to the new way of work.
  • Role clarity and alignment: Individual clarity regarding role expectations and contribution to the team and organisational goals.
  • Collaboration and teamwork: Levels of cohesion, trust, and mutual support between team members.
  • Management support and leadership: Perception of managerial support and leadership credibility.
Team Interventions

People make it happen, most often together! Our team-based interventions employ evidenced action-learning principles, coaching techniques and awareness and practical activities. They result in valuable insight, stronger relationships and enhanced work dynamics.

Team-based interventions include:

  •             Performance
  •             Workflow
  •             Effectiveness
  •             Enablement and growth
Strategy, Vision and Mission

How do you deliver value? Strategy is the fluid, evolving process of defining what you do, how you do it and (critical!) why you do it.

We work with you to articulate, align or revive your corporate strategy. We define a clear vision, mission and relatable, aspirational values. The greater the resonance of people and strategy, the more remarkable the engagement, development and performance.

Strategy objectives

  •             Strategic analysis
  •             Strategic intent
  •             Strategic planning
  •             Confirmation and alignment of vision, mission and values
  •             Strategic implementation
  •             Strategy monitoring
Wellbeing and Resilience

The Wellbeing and Resilience Course will support your people to:

  • Gain awareness of personal stresses in order that they can be better managed.
  • Develop coping mechanisms for dealing with negative emotions more effectively (stress and anxiety), such as positive and solution-based thinking.
  • Obtain a heightened sense of wellbeing and thereby performance.

Course overview

Introduction to wellbeing

  • Overview of wellbeing.
  • The financial and health impact of stress and anxiety as it related to the workplace.
  • My current state of wellbeing (positives and negatives).

Indicators and triggers that affect wellbeing

  • Stress proneness questionnaire.
  • Behavioural, physiological, cognitive and emotional indicators of stress and burnout – how to identify, cope and regulate.
  • Identifying work-related indicators of stress.

Developing coping mechanisms

  • Behavioural techniques.
  • Imagery techniques.
  • Thinking techniques.
  • Resilience.

Maintaining wellbeing

  • Mindfulness.
  • Motivation (purpose and goal setting).
  • Positive psychology, positive affirmation and gratitude.
  • Physiological wellbeing (nutrition, rest and exercise).
  • Work/life balance.

Action Plan to improve your wellbeing.

Job profiling, Evaluation and Grading

An on-target job profile is the foundation for hiring best-fit talent. It also provides critical information needed to successfully review and manage performance.

We accurately assess, identify and capture requirements for roles within your organisation. We take into account the context of the market and the key objectives — KPIs/KPAs. Occupational requirements, employee requirements and work characteristics are considered.

Job evaluation accurately and fairly compares roles within your organisation, to evaluate their relative worth. The process provides a comprehensive review of a job — its role and responsibilities — and assigns it to a particular band of complexity. It enables positioning on a competitive level based on relevant comparator groups and improves equity. It is an excellent mechanism for proactively engaging and retaining talent.

We use the standardised, systematic and objective methodology of Patersons.

“Orgro provided the highest quality of work for Viva Steelfab Engineering in that they converted the company’s goals and compiled them into the exact framework that the company desired. Orgro constantly communicated with the Director and HRM to ensure that the company’s needs were put to paper.” “Viva Steelfab Engineering sees Orgro as a partner in their business and will continue to utilise their services in the future.”
Viva Steelfab Engineering, HRM
“The insight in to our business in such a short period of time was remarkable. The recommendations were very good. Orgro have conducted themselves in a professional manner and have produced high quality work.”
“Scope of work carried out fully met the ToR. The quality of work was highly satisfactory in terms of the correct application of the chosen model to guide and reconfigure the organisational development of the Directorate. The analysis yielded satisfactory results in terms of recommending context specific and appropriate recommendations for a more fit for purpose division.” “The consultancy was highly dependable in delivering the service. Timely responses and high level of commitments to see the task through to its completion were the hallmark of this consultancy.”
NGO, Chief of Education
I want to thank you for the constructive session we had earlier this week – I am confident that this will add value to our Team, especially with the way that we interact with and communicate to each other.
The open and honest feedback that the other Team members provided is also very much appreciated, and will be positively acted upon to enhance the harmony and work ethic in our Team from my side.
Once again – thank you for a great workshop!
Beka Schreder ,
“Just wanted to extend a really big thank you for a very meaningful contribution to our management team with yesterday’s session. The very honest view gave us both insight into the progress from the last intervention as well as importantly providing direction to our future development as a team. The team were extremely positive and also asked me to extend their thanks to you all.”
Gareth Pearson, Former CEO


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