People solutions for organisations who want to solve their most complex people problems.

The future is bright when you work with people potential.

This is how we do it

Make better
people decisions.

Attract, hire and retain the best. Develop a purpose-led,
value-driven, committed team.


Design for

Articulate a strategy that resonates. Structure roles,
teams, systems and architecture, smartly.


Uplift, upskill
and empower.

Be one step ahead. Build a culture of curiosity,
growth and development.


Get people working
better, together.

Coordinate connections to resolve conflict and reveal opportunity.
Create engaged teams, innovative workplaces and unparalleled growth.

Orgro are industrial psychologists, psychometrists, business experts and coaches that drive organisational change. We specialise in people development.

Our difference

Our insight and understanding of people allow us to activate optimism and potential.

We focus on outcomes to provide value; visible and measurable.

We invest. We don’t propose solutions we don’t believe in.

We make it happen!

Who we’ve worked with

A cross section of our cross-industry clients.

Orgro are proud members of SIOPSA and HPCSA


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People make it happen.

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