The Relevant Role of an Organisational Development Services Partner

Anything that fails to develop, grow, thrive and sustain its life or essential functions will barely exist, wither away or simply die and decay. It may be a marine creature, a simple garden snail, a plant, an insect, a human being or an organisation.

Organisational Development - Group Cohesion

Remaining Sustainable

All living creatures and plants, or functioning objects require certain basic elements that help to sustain, maintain and keep them in good functional order. Many a company, including major role players in the South African corporate sector continue to sustain themselves more efficiently and effectively, while still benefitting by their engagement of Orgro’s professional organisational development services.

Improving Effective Management Structures and Systems

Our services have enabled numerous companies to re-engineer, develop and improve on their organisational structures and management systems, leading to their longer-term productivity, sustainability and relevance.   

Room for Improvement

Additionally, we must point out that none of our clients’ companies were struggling to survive or sustain themselves at the time, but they recognised that there was room for improvement, a fact backed up by Orgro’s assessments of their businesses, their potential, as well as the improvement services which would address relevant issues, based on our experience and expertise in this specialised developmental services field.

A People-Driven Process

Although the workplace in today’s world is fast-changing and demanding, organisational development services cannot provide a quick-fix, overnight solution. It is a multi-faceted process, particularly so because any and every concern consists of diverse people, the employer’s most valuable assets, who may simultaneously present the most challenges in the workplace.

Each person has his or her own opinions, bias, likes and dislikes, personality, background, life and workplace experience, fears, strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, own unique potential to develop and grow – personally and in a group or team context. However, in times of uncertainty, productivity, performance and potential become secondary to people’s concerns.

Unlocking and Developing Potential

Each sphere of unlocking potential to develop in a particular job or role, as well as within the organisation as a whole, must be identified and assessed or evaluated. Assembled and expertly analysed data forms a picture of the status quo, while highlighting areas (and people) that may benefit from professional intervention strategies. This is but one of the initial steps in the eventual implementation of various defined and recommended organisational development services’ strategies, which typically involve certain changes.

Change is Constant

Change – for the better, really is the only constant – in everyday life and certainly in and throughout any and every business-minded entity that strives for sustainable success. Orgro is very much a people-centric endeavour.

As such, we’re very aware that individual people or groups are often very resistant to change – in their private lives and especially in the workplace, where they become fearful and insecure about keeping their jobs the moment that any form of change is mentioned.

Driven by Fear and Insecurity

Fear and insecurity about the unknown is not unusual. However, qualified organisational development services’ practitioners know how to address the fear of change, by helping companies and their employees to engage and manage change effectively and transparently.

Honest, two-way communication is invaluable, particularly when personnel realise that inevitable change is necessary for their and the organisation’s sustainable relevance in the world of work, and that they’ll be guided and led through the process that will ultimately improve their own lives, at work and beyond the office doors.

From Doubt to Support

If additional training and coaching is required, they’re reassured to know that they’ll receive it – in order to adapt and perform more effectively and confidently. Immediate, instinctive resistance to change vanishes.

We’ve known some doubters who become enthusiastic supporters of targeted change and organisational improvement strategies, once they understand the various “who’s”, “what’s”, “where’s”, “why’s” and “when’s” of how positively organisational development services can improve their workplace performance.

Various planned intervention steps addressed by organisational development services may include:

  • Overall performance management – a multi-phase approach
  • Change management
  • Conflict and mediation
  • Targeted surveys
  • Team interventions
  • Goal-directed strategy, vision and mission
  • Well-being and resilience
  • Job profiling, evaluation/assessments, and grading – includes putting the right people in the right jobs that best suit their inherent and learned talents, skills, capabilities, interests and personalities

In addition to having partnered with some of South Africa’s leading organisations to manage, improve and maximise performance and potential that’s already present, Orgro is professionally associated with two august official bodies – SIOPSA (Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology of South Africa) and the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa), so you’re in officially recognised and professionally qualified hands when you utilise Orgro’s range of effective developmental services.

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