Room, Scope and Strategies for Improving Staff Performance

Are you entirely happy with your staff’s performance? Equally important, but perhaps initially somewhat more difficult to address – is every member of your staff happy with his or her performance in the workplace, where they spend many, many hours, days, weeks and months throughout the year?

Improve Staff Performance

Room to Improve

When and if there is room to improve – and there invariably is, because everyone is human and as such, fallible, at times – one should take whatever proactive steps and measures are available to assess, address and improve the situation, staff members’ individual and group abilities, their coping mechanisms and a host of additional areas and aspects that are relevant in an efficient working environment.

Biggest, Invaluable Asset

It’s worth remembering that your staff is your organisation’s biggest asset, without which your enterprise could not possibly exist. Therefore, they are worthy of receiving performance-improving and ability-enhancing interventions, like the developmental programmes offered by Orgro.

The People Business

Orgro is immersed in, passionate about and dedicated to the “people” business; more specifically, people’s development, growth – personal and professional, plus their existing and potential functional effectiveness at work.

We solve your people problems, utilising our experienced professional team, consisting of specialists in their respective fields – industrial psychologists, business experts, coaches and facilitators, who focus on improving the abilities and skills of who and what you have in your own teams.


People are fascinating and may present many diverse challenges within an organisation, which also consists of diverse human beings. Each person has his/her own unique set of beliefs, perceptions, biases, strengths and weaknesses, likes, preferences and dislikes, as well as willingness to adapt and embrace change, or resists and resents change at every turn, all of which beg for intervention.

Change to Improve and Enhance Performance

In business, change is inevitable and at times, very necessary. Being static for too long, rings the death knell for all, from a workplace perspective. Change in an organisation is usually brought about by the need to improve individual, group and company performance.

For effective development and staff improvement, it’s important to affiliate and line up people’s behaviour and attitudes with the company’s strategic plans, systems, efficiency and goals. Orgro’s organisational development-enhancing customised programmes include:

  • Organisational design – an interactive, constructive assessment of the company’s current status and if necessary, a new design to meet its optimal objectives.
  • Performance management – leaders and personnel create environments in which to challenge and improve staff performance holistically.
  • Change management – accepting and embracing change at all levels throughout the organisation.
  • Conflict and mediation – systematic, effective, and interactive conflict resolution.
  • Team interventions – to facilitate and improve work relationships, dynamics, and honest insight.
  • Surveys – incisive, transparent investigations and assessments of the current climate within the work environment, via effective communication.
  • Strategy, vision, and mission – strategic plans to identify and communicate what, how and why you do, that which you do.
  • Job profiling, evaluation, and grading – provides for hiring a candidate who fits the organisation and the job’s requirements, evaluating jobs’ relative worth, as well as its role and responsibilities.
  • Wellbeing and resilience – create awareness of stress factors, develops coping mechanisms in order to improve, achieve and retain resilience and wellbeing.

Don’t wait for degeneration to set in; engage Orgro to introduce your staff to improved performance strategies to put them on the exciting road to success.

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