Purposeful People-Oriented Psychometric Tests in South Africa

When you’re involved in a business in South Africa, you’re invariably engaged in the people business, irrespective of your organisation’s field of endeavour. Without your people, you don’t have an enterprise and your chances of achieving success or surviving in the modern, competitive world of industry and commerce are nil, nada, nothing.

Say “No” to Square Pegs in Round Holes

Nonetheless, you need to employ more than mere people. You need the right people, with the right characteristics, inborn talents and interests, skills, and potential in the right in-company positions. You want to avoid appointing proverbial square pegs in round holes. Appropriate testing will help to eliminate this South African phenomenon.

It’s not a numbers game or trial and error exercise either. Time, cost, resources, productivity, morale, professional conduct, and business ethics preclude chopping and changing the company’s employee component in a quest for that seemingly elusive personnel fit.

Human Variables

However, the people component of an organisation is always variable. No two persons are identical. Each person employed by your company has his or her own unique personality, strengths, weaknesses, dreams and from time to time, dilemmas too.

These traits are not all always obvious. So, how do you ensure that you have motivated, skilled, productive, bonded, and happy teams of diverse people, who are jointly and severally committed to reaching their own and common goals in and on behalf of a successful organisation?

Orgro South African Solutions

You engage the professional services of a leading South Africa concern like Orgro, a group of industrial psychologists, psychometrists, trainers, assessors, and problem-solvers “to help your organisation and people to reach” their respective full “potential and perform better”, more productively and efficiently.

In South Africa, it’s illegal for a layperson to administer psychometric tests. They may only be administered by trained psychometrists who are registered with the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa), as are the relevant professionals at Orgro, likewise the tests which are employed in Orgro’s assessments.

Depending on the nature of the position the organisation wishes to fill, a variety of psychometric tests, each focusing on a different aspect, may be presented to test subjects. The objective of Orgro’s psychometric testing is the discovery and revelation of personality traits and natural talents that are inadvertently hidden. Tests are an invaluable guide to help place the person in a position for which they have an innate affinity.

It’s not at all unusual to find out that one unexpectedly possesses a natural or inherent ability or aptitude for a particular subject, field of study, or type of employment that requires a specific talent or skill, after receiving South African HPCSA-registered psychometric test results.

Prior to sitting for psychometric tests, such a job candidate would probably have avoided applying for a position in which a specific, daunting skill set was required, usually telling themselves and often others too, that they were useless at – whatever the “it” happened to be.

The human subconscious mind is powerful, but cannot reason, blindly accepting as truth whatever the conscious mind tells it. Perception and misperception become reality, but Orgro’s psychometric testing reveals what you, the employer, need to know – for the benefit of your organisation and the wonderful people who contribute towards your joint South African success story.

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