The Purpose of Professional Psychometric Testing

The Fundamental Purposes of Professional Psychometric Testing

If you’ve never been exposed to psychometric testing and therefore regard undergoing such an “examination”, never fear. Our company, Orgro, assures you that this specialised testing is absolutely, positively nothing akin to sitting in an exam at school.

There are no right or wrong answers, nor is there any person in direct authority – your supervisor or boss – who may take you to task for a low score or failure. You cannot fail a psychometric test. You can only respond with an answer that most closely corresponds with what you think, experience or perceive.

Since there is no pass or fail mark pertaining to these test results, why bother to take or administer them at all? Some may wonder why psychometric tests are regarded so highly. What is their purpose? Are they worthwhile? If so, why, for what reason? What might one learn from these assessments?

Psychometric Testing - Psychometric Tests

Why These Assessments are Performed

Every person has his or her own set of skills, talents and aptitudes. Some characteristics are acquired through education and training, or following the example of others. Other characteristics may be innate. Virtually every person possesses such qualities, each set of characteristics being largely unique to each person.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is one of the important qualities that are routinely uncovered and assessed by means of psychometric testing. While most people are familiar with the meaning of IQ (intelligence) tests, emotional intelligence may be mistaken for the latter concept, possibly because both refer to “intelligence”.

IQ and EQ

One’s IQ can be measured and assessed by comparing a score against an IQ chart, of which there are numerous versions. Some IQ assessments are widely and internationally recognised, whilst others – much less so, neither are their results entirely credible when presented to an IQ expert, who is highly likely to question which assessment was administered and undertaken.

Establishing EQ is accomplished by psychometric tests that are expertly designed for this purpose. One’s emotional intelligence may not necessarily be immediately apparent during a workplace discussion in a workplace setting, particularly since behaviour adaptation or modification may also be involved.

Intelligence Quotient

IQ is usually used to describe a person’s intellectual abilities, which are important qualities that do have a significant role within and away from the workplace:

  • Logical problem solving
  • Understanding abstract concepts
  • Ability to learn
  • Adapt to change
  • Understanding language and using it accordingly
  • Ability to plan and think strategically

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional quotient, more commonly referred to as emotional intelligence, deals with emotions, as the subject’s name indicates. It refers to one’s natural inclination to recognise emotion and emotional responses in oneself, as well as in others. This enables you to modify your behaviour and responses appropriately and accordingly.

Because people typically work together in teams, pairs, groups or divisions, only rarely in isolation, EQ is an invaluable, innate ability that’s of great significance in numerous roles within the workplace:

  • Accurately identify individual and mutual emotions
  • Communicate actively and effectively
  • Modify emotions and adapt behaviour appropriately, in line with various situations and circumstances
  • Exercise impulse control
  • Innate empathy with others
  • Ability to withstand temptation without becoming an opportunist, who seeks easy, instant gratification
  • Capable of recognising and resolving conflict


It also often happens that an untested person may be completely unaware of his/her own thus far hidden talents and inclinations, only to be pleasantly surprised when a psychometric test reveals the undisclosed depths of their potential and natural abilities.

The results of their psychometric evaluations open up a whole new world of possibilities, opportunities, motivation and self-confidence, especially as these elements may be applied in the workplace.

It’s up to a professionally trained and registered psychometrist to test the person, in order to find out which qualities are present but inadvertently undisclosed as yet.

Psychometric Testing

This is one of our specialised services at Orgro, our company that focuses on developing people and their potential, whilst they’re engaged in their own roles within the place of work, en route to growing personally and professionally, when building a successful, fulfilling career that satisfies their own ambitions, plus their team’s and employer’s organisational goals.

Our Orgro South African and international psychometric evaluations are designed to investigate innate qualities:

  • Personality
  • Aptitude
  • Integrity
  • Values
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Learning and cognitive potential
  • Career pathing
Read more on why we use Psychometric tests here.

When you need to make key decisions about key employees and potential leaders within your organisation, don’t take chances. Rather engage Orgro as your professional partner to assist you by utilising professional psychometric tests.

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