Psychometric Testing is Useful for Any Organisation – Here’s How it Can Benefit Yours

Countless successful corporations have introduced psychometric testing as part and parcel of their recruitment and hiring processes. These assessments have gained popularity over the years as it is becoming increasingly clear that interviews alone do not give companies an accurate overview of who their prospective employees are. With objective evaluations that have been extensively backed by research, organisations can hire candidates in a way that remains consistent and reliable. By assessing for individual strengths, personality, aptitude, and values, you can ensure that you absorb the best possible talent for the job.


Predicting a Candidate’s Behaviour Before You Hire Them

Psychometric testing is a much more reliable way of anticipating employee behaviour. During interviews, employees may talk about their own situational judgement, work ethic, and behaviour based on their self-awareness, but this does not offer the interviewer a measurable method of determining any traits. Psychometrics have been carefully developed to determine how an outside hire will fit into an organisation’s current culture and way of doing things. No two employees are the same – everyone has different motivations, different managerial styles, and different ways of communicating. Understanding these aspects of prospective hires will help you find someone who feels at home within your organisation and therefore, performs well too.


Make the Recruitment and Hiring Process More Efficient

In-depth interviews may have to happen more than once to get a better idea of who a candidate is, and even then, it may be impossible to thoroughly explore their skills, character, and value systems. Psychometric testing covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time, which is vital during mass recruitment drives. Organisations can therefore filter the best hires from a large pool of initial applications without wasting any precious time.

Psychometric Testing - Psychometric Tests

Emphasising Factors That Are More Important Than a Curriculum Vitae

A curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé often plays a large role in an organisation’s decision to hire a candidate. In this document, experience, accomplishments, and skills are highlighted, but these aspects are not always a good indicator of a candidate’s abilities and future potential. Psychometric testing helps recruiters evaluate certain traits that are key to performing well in a specific role. This is particularly useful for candidates that are diverting from previous career paths and looking to do something new. Psychometrics can assist a business in determining if someone is ideally suited to a role, despite never having functioned in such a role before.


Moving Beyond Intuitive Interviewing

Everyone has biases, whether they are aware of these biases or not. Interviewers often try to remain as objective as possible, but subconscious biases may creep up during the recruitment process that gives certain candidates an unfair advantage – and may overlook other candidates who would have done well in the role. Currently, psychometric testing is a far more impartial method of measuring traits and offering consistent and trustworthy models that are repeatable, no matter who the recruiter is or what their subjective views may be.


The Types of Psychometric Testing We Offer at Orgro

We at Orgro utilise several South African and international psychometric evaluations and assist organisations with the development of their companies and employees. In doing so, organisations can make informed decisions when it comes to their future growth. We offer the following types of psychometric testing:

  • Personality tests to learn more about an individual’s characteristics and personality made up of aspects like behavioural tendencies, social attitudes, preferences, and more.
  • Aptitude assessments that take a closer look at testable abilities that allow an individual to perform certain tasks. Aptitude testing is a good predictor of job performance and effectiveness.
  • Emotional intelligence evaluations that assess how an employee manages their emotions, copes with challenges, and how they relate within the social environment of the organisation.
  • Cognitive and learning potential assessments that examine both current and future potential with regard to adaptability, problem-solving, complex situational judgement, and more.
  • Assessing individual integrity which is a good indicator of ethical standing and essential in countering risky behaviour that may negatively impact the organisation.
  • Measuring value systems, motivation, decision-making frameworks, and individual as well as team culture.

We also offer career pathing, which helps people to identify careers more suited to who they are and their specific objectives.

Our psychometric testing allows us to help organisations develop productive, efficient teams and identify future leaders. If you would like to know more about our testing services, speak to us today.

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