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7 Useful Psychometric Test Solutions for Employers and Employees

If employers had the power to predict future outcomes, especially regarding employment and promotion decisions, they’d be able to better predict and facilitate the success of their organisations. The truth is, while no-one can accurately predict the future, there are ways to make educated guesses that set you up for success. This informed insight is the exact benefit that professional psychometric test solutions offer employers and employees alike.

Psychometric test solutions are typically used by either organisations or potential employees to determine how suitable individuals are for certain roles. This can include compatibility measures based on a wide range of skills or attributes, including personality, skills, aptitude, and cultural alignment.

For best results, employers should make use of professional psychometric test evaluation only for their employees. While there are many online tests available, and a number of consultants who claim to be experts, it is vital to make use of a reliable and proven partner in workplace evaluations. An inaccurate evaluation can lead to misinformed decisions that can have costly consequences.

Orgro is a team of industrial psychologists, coaches, business experts, and facilitators that have been helping businesses and organisations unlock the full potential of their teams since 1982. Trusted by the leading corporate players in the South African market, we specialise in people development, including psychometric test assessments, training, organisational structure, and business consulting.

Our wide range of psychometric tests for employees include:

1. Personality Assessments

This refers to a range of assessments that helps employers understand whether an individual’s characteristics complement the key functions of a role, which helps to predict their future performance in that role.

2. Aptitude Assessments

These assessments are used to determine the ability of employees to perform certain tasks. These tests are consistently valued as the best predictors of workplace effectiveness.

3. Emotional Intelligence Assessments

These assessments test the ability of an individual to develop and maintain relationships, cope with challenges, regulate emotions, express themselves effectively and perform critical decision-making – all critical skills for senior employees especially.

4. Cognitive and Learning Potential Assessments

Role-specific skills are important, but the ability to understand and to learn new skills are just as important when identifying future potential and success. These assessments measure the ability related to problem-solving, such as conceptual thinking, complex situational judgement, and strategic versus operational inclination.

5. Integrity Assessments

These tests allow employers to assess individual integrity, determine ethical standing, and predict possible counterproductive work behaviour. This insight allows them to avoid potential future costs related to problematic behaviour.

6. Values Assessments

By assessing the values of individuals and/or teams, it’s possible to measure and identify the culture, motivation and value systems that inform priorities and decision-making frameworks.

7. Career Pathing Assessments

A happy employee is an engaged and motivated employee. Individuals can use these tests to identify careers that meet their personal interests, personality, and aptitude in order to build a successful and enjoyable career path.

For more information on the range of psychometric test solutions, Orgro offers both employers and employees, get in touch with our team today. This is the key to unlocking the full potential of your organisation.

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