Psychometric Assessments

How Psychometric Assessments Can Improve the Success of Your Sales Team

No matter how good your product or service is, so much of the success of your company relies on the efficacy of your sales team. Therefore, it stands to reason that if you want to improve the performance of your company, you need to invest in your sales team. The better skilled and motivated they are, the better your business will perform overall. That said, simply throwing resources at your sales team without any specific goal or strategy attached is both a waste of time and money. Through the use of psychometric assessments, however, you can determine with great accuracy both which people are best suited for this team and what development initiatives will serve to enhance their performance.

What Are Psychometric Assessments?

Within the context of business and sales team, psychometric testing refers to a collection of assessments that are used to identify and/or measure various personality traits, attitudes, and behavioural styles among individuals within your team that will influence their performance level.

When you have a meticulous and objective summary of an individual’s aptitude, strengths, development areas and character, you are empowered to make informed decisions about training requirements, promotions, and new appointments.

Different Psychometric Assessments and The Value They Add

As you can imagine, there isn’t one assessment or test that will give you every single possible insight. For the sake of accuracy and relevance, a variety of psychometric assessments exist to help you identify and measure a number of characteristics and skills. These include:

  • Personality tests: These tests will help you determine whether an individual’s characteristics complement the key functions of a sales role, as well as help to predict future performance in this role.
  • Aptitude tests: These are consistently valued as the best predictors of workplace effectiveness and help determine an individual’s ability to perform certain tasks, ensuring the right person is hired for the right role.
  • Emotional intelligence: These test the ability of an individual to develop and maintain relationships, cope with challenges, regulate emotions, express themselves effectively, and perform critical decision making.
  • Cognitive and learning potential: These asses both current and future potential by focussing on skills related to problem-solving, including conceptual thinking, complex situational judgement, and strategic versus operational inclination.
  • Integrity assessment: These are used to gauge the integrity of an individual, to determine their ethical standing, and to predict potential counter-productive work behaviour to ensure that a candidate matches the culture of your team and business.
  • Assessment of values: Both individual and team culture, motivation and value systems are measured to gauge priorities and decision-making frameworks, in order to help teams to work together to enhance their performance.
  • Career pathing: These tests are aimed to help individuals determine which career path suit them best, which can help ensure that your team are all in roles that they are passionate about and will excel in.

To find out more about the range of professional psychometric assessments available to you and your team, how they can benefit you, and how to access these, get in touch with the team at Orgro. We can assist you with reliable testing, as well as related training and organisational development.

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