Make the Most Out of Job Profiling

How To Make the Most Out of Job Profiling

The word “profiling” became synonymous with criminal investigative techniques during and subsequent to the 1970s. At the time, two experienced FBI Special Agents, John Douglas and Robert Ressler wanted a better understanding of serious criminal offenders’ behaviour. This was only the basis for job profiling.

Revealing Research

Their research was designed to reveal why offenders did what they did, and how to identify and apprehend them – by their behaviour. Profilers also wanted to learn how to predict criminals’ future behaviour, once released from prison. All this was based on an offender’s previous predilections and actions – predictors of future behaviour.

Job Profiling

Detection Techniques

By conducting extensive interviews with convicted criminals, the pair developed an innovative technique – criminal profiling. The public then began to associate the term with specialised crime detection techniques, as popularised by TV documentaries that deal with identifying and apprehending offenders.

Another technique was to follow geographic profiling, focused on locating an offender in his/her preferred geographical offending area.

Linking Candidate’s Characteristics to Job Description

The aforementioned two techniques are loosely and indirectly related to the job profiling process that we employ at Orgro. Our company helps other concerns match the essential requirements of each key role with a candidate, based on his or her often hidden, innate characteristics, talents and potential, as per a particular job’s profile specifications.

This is done so that the best, most suitable candidate is placed in each role, as per the job’s key requirements. the right people in the right position, in which the incumbent is almost always likely to be most productive, stimulated and fulfilled in accordance with their acquired and especially, their innate individual characteristics, skills, interests, talents and potential.

Job Profiling Is A Long-Term Investment

By utilising the process of job profiling, the organisation is making a long-term investment in developing its key people, and simultaneously, extending and enhancing the company’s sustainability and its ongoing success, well into the future.

Fulfilled employees tend to commit to that which offers room to grow and advance, and for which they’re equipped and suited. By bringing the person and his or her optimal workplace role together, your investment will invariably produce sustainable dividends, particularly in the longer term.

Begin with an In-Depth Description

Nonetheless, at Orgro, the process depends on and begins with professional identification and the objective description of a role within an organisation. In turn, the person who possesses the required characteristics – or has the potential to develop them – may be identified and appointed with confidence, in knowing that the required duty’s demands will be satisfied. Defining job descriptions is a responsibility that’s best left to a professionally trained specialist, like an Orgro team member.

Read more about the role of organizational development.

Teams and Terms

Orgro specialises in identifying and developing key people within an organisation. Our techniques personally and professionally benefit individuals, teams and the entire concern. Our own team includes industrial psychologists, psychometrists, coaches and business experts, enabling us to offer a multitude of disciplines to apply when assisting our clients and their people.

The Cambridge English Dictionary indicates that “efficient job profiling means that staff will be happier in their jobs”. This also correctly implies that happy personnel are far more likely to remain productive over a longer term within the company – exactly what one requires from an investment (in people and their potential). Why not let us do likewise for you?

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