Why Organisations Benefit from Our Psychometric Assessment Services

Psychometric assessment tools have been around for decades, but it remains an overlooked resource in corporate recruitment. By taking a deeper dive into the psychology of prospective employees, psychometrics allows employers to determine whether the candidate is the right fit for the company. It also helps to mitigate biases and partialities by interviewers during the hiring process. This may seem like a complex process, but it saves companies time and money in the long run. Most importantly, however, it caters to the overarching success of the company.

Psychometric Assessments

Why Psychometric Assessment Tools Are Used

At its core, a psychometric assessment evaluates the compatibility between a candidate and a professional vacancy. It is a form of testing that allows the tester to examine the suitability of potential hires and how they would contribute to the company’s environment. This in-depth level of understanding when it comes to the personhood of a candidate narrows down the decision-making process of hiring, and enables educated predictions based on psychological markers. These tests explore various traits such as personality, values and motivations, and behavioural tendencies.

It is ideal for recruitment drives on a larger scale but can be used for any organisation, at any time. It can even be used on current employees to gain deeper insight into better ways of bringing out the best of an individual’s talents.

What Our Psychometric Assessment Services Explore

There are several aspects of a candidate’s personality that a psychometric assessment will help to evaluate, these include:

  • Personality: The personality of an individual includes their main characteristics, behavioural tendencies, and the traits they display most often. We utilise a range of tests and evaluation methods, from the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to the Comprehensive Assessment Profile (CAP) to determine personality.
  • Aptitude: Aptitude is the ability, talent, or potential to perform certain tasks well. Testing for aptitude is an excellent predictor for efficiency and fulfilment in the workplace.
  • Emotional intelligence: An individual’s EQ in the workplace relates to their ability to handle emotions, particularly concerning tasks, challenges, and other people. An employee can have outstanding technical abilities, but a low emotional intelligence will make them difficult to incorporate into certain companies and environments.
  • Learning potential: Assessing one’s potential cognitive and learning abilities is a way to predict current strengths and future prospects. We make use of various assessments, such as the Cognitive Processing Profile (CPP), TRAM, and APIL.
  • Integrity: You want employees and team members who act with integrity and have a strong work ethic. Determining the ethical standing and moral motivations of potential employees will help to mitigate future risks to the company.
  • Values: One’s values play an important role in priorities, work ethic, performance, and interpersonal relationships at work. We make use of values orientation tools to assess whether candidates will blend well into your company’s current culture.
  • Career pathing: Our psychometric assessment services also include career pathing which enables individuals to identify careers that best suit their personal interests, goals, and personalities.

We employ both relevant South African and international assessments to promote the development and growth of your organisation. To find out more, contact us at info@fwa.co.za.

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