Professional Psychometric Evaluations to Place People in Appropriate Positions

Some people appear to have an inherent fear of evaluations, assessments and tests of all types, be it psychometric, medical, physical or otherwise. This usually unfounded fear frequently has its roots in the school classroom or a particular teacher, and in general, is instilled in youngsters during childhood or their teens.

Fortunately, trained psychometrists are able to reassure such folks sincerely and honestly about the purpose of the psychometric evaluations which they conduct, usually at the behest of an actual current or prospective future employer.

Psychometric Assessments

You Cannot be Wrong, Nor Can you Fail

There are no right or wrong answers to the questions posed on multiple-choice responses contained in certain psychometric tests or assessments. You do not pass, nor can you fail, so there’s absolutely no rational reason for experiencing a sense of trepidation in the time leading up to an evaluation.

An Appraisal

An evaluation is like an appraisal, in which certain qualities, characteristics, traits, talents, abilities, affinities, suitability and interests are revealed, collated, examined and assessed vis-à-vis the person or thing’s value in a defined objective or programme.

Appraisals are conducted routinely within businesses. They simply gather information about various aspects of performance in specific areas. Results are discussed with the relevant person, as are ways in which to improve, where necessary. It’s a non-threatening scenario.

Unlocking Potential

Simply put, in a workplace or employment context and when applied to a person to assess that person’s inherent suitability to perform a specific task or role at work, a variety of valuable informative data is revealed. Often, results reveal inclinations of which the assessed person has been completely unaware, so psychometric evaluations may sometimes unlock potential that was thus far unknown and undisclosed.

Based on collected and evaluated data, the psychometrist is able to judge the likelihood that the individual will attain suitable job satisfaction levels when performing tasks and duties required in a specific role, plus disclose his/her ability to cope and grow professionally (or not), within the business.

The Right Person in the Right Role

This is an immense help in ensuring that the right person is placed in the right job, the one that’s best suited to their qualities and characteristics. Psychometric evaluation also helps to ensure that the employer or recruitment officer does not inadvertently attempt to place the proverbial square peg into a round hole, something that never endures or works to any party’s longer-term advantage.

These assessments – and much, much more – are only a few of the people-oriented business and personal improvement tools utilised by Orgro, our company that recognises the importance of the people and their performance within your enterprise. There is always room for improvement, growth, development and redefined goals, plus the steps and methods to achieve optimal success – personally, in teams as well as in group context.

Orgro helps you to identify leaders, gather information about relevant employees’ personalities, reveal aptitude, determine IQ plus emotional intelligence, measure and assess current and future potential (cognitive and learning potential), investigate inherent integrity, and measure motivation and value systems.

Lastly, but most importantly, with Orgro’s professionally administered psychometric evaluations and personal, customised guidance, you are enabled to identify and match key personal qualities with the demands and expectations of happy, satisfying and successful career paths.

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