Permanent and Continuous Success Through Organisational Development

It is satisfying to have an organisation which functions according to expectations, but this still does raise a few questions. At first glance, are you 100% satisfied with every functional aspect of the entity? Can its function and effectiveness be improved upon right now, as well as in the immediate future?

Organisational Development - Group Cohesion

Long-Term Development or Stasis

What about the longer term? Is the organisation likely to remain static and eventually become stagnant, largely unchanged from its current status quo? Or should you be looking at its immediate and future development to ensure that it operates effectively and efficiently, and remains relevant?

Complacency in a Comfort Zone

In virtually every organisation, its operation and performance are largely dependent on the performance of its people, and yet, many of those very same people may have settled into a comfort zone, which is not unusual. Without being given new goals and a cohesive strategy to reach these goals, people tend to become complacent and remain satisfied with that which is familiar.

Advancement All the Way

Employees staying within their comfort zone usually occurs in working or operating conditions that don’t provide noticeably clear opportunities. As such, you need a fresh organisational approach to create a culture in which employees are enabled to develop and grow within the company. Such development thus also benefits the entity – interdepartmentally and in its entirety.

Resistance to Change

At the same time, one should keep in mind that some staff members may be resistant to change, without even being aware of it. It is often only when change is proposed or introduced that resistance becomes apparent.

Orgro is a company which specialises in organisational development. We were formerly known as FWA Organisational Development, and now as Orgro, an abbreviated name that indicates the essence and core of our enterprise’s mission – organisational growth.

The People Business

Our experience and expertise place us right in the heart of the people business, since every endeavour has people driving it, irrespective of how much mechanisation and/or technology may be relied upon. Personal and company development, growth and subsequent success are all dependent on the performance and passion of people.

We specialise in building and improving the relevant aspects of companies – people, processes, structure, performance, and objectives. By aligning behaviour and attitudes in a customised strategic manner, personal and group performance can be maximised – a modern recipe for a sustainable, successful outcome.

Typically, our interventions include:

  • Organisational design
  • Performance and change management
  • Surveys
  • Conflict management and mediation
  • Defining or redefining the strategy, as well as the mission and vision of your company
  • Team intercessions, where necessary
  • Well-being, plus resilience
  • Grading, evaluation and outlining of jobs

Effective Communication

These multifaceted strategies that we employ in our role as your organisational development partners are conducted openly and transparently, through effective communication, since we don’t disguise any facts or findings, even those which may be less than pleasing.

On all levels, effective interpersonal communication without the fear of high-handed retribution is key to getting diverse individual staff members to look forward to or relish changes that new organisational development strategies may entail, even those employees who are initially resistant to change.

Instead, we help your people and your group to face challenges and changes with confidence, converting problems and hurdles into opportunities that result in a more effective, relevant, optimally functioning concern, where individuals, teams and groups become passionate about unlocking their potential and that of the company.

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