Organisational Development Services Enhance Professional Productivity and Performance

“Organisational Development Services” seems like quite a mouthful, and it certainly has numerous complex facets, but simply involves utilising a cutting-edge range of professional programmes and services, each designed, offered and facilitated to optimally develop, grow, and improve an organisation, as well as its strategies, functions, performance, and functionality.

Most importantly, it’s designed to develop the concern’s people – individually and in team and group or company-wide context.

Organisational Development Services

The Weakest Link

It is often said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Much the same principle applies to structured establishments. One or more persons’ failings, weaknesses, lack of knowledge, ineffective productivity or negative attitude will eventually affect the performance of at least a part of the concern.

Corrective Action

Corrective action is essential, but it is also essential that the appropriate, effective corrective measures, systems, and services, which deliver results, are engaged to bring about positive improvement and change. Service providers, like Orgro (formerly “FWA Organisational Development”), are specialised experts in this fascinating field, in which no two companies or their people are the same.

The Long Run

Managing and trying to control people and their behaviour through a “rule by fear” doctrine does not work, particularly not in the long run, and definitely not in a modern organisation that intends to being around and relevant – productively and successfully – in the long run.

“No” to Rule by Fear

On the surface of things pertaining to employment and workplace matters, the “rule by fear” doctrine may have been fairly effective during distant times, when employers and employees were ill-informed in an unsophisticated business world. Then, the upper classes dominated their working-class brethren, since they regarded the behaviour, manners, and ways of their privileged social status as their birthright.

Like It or Lump It

Autocratic business owners were possibly afraid of being taken advantage of or seen as soft, whilst the employees were probably even more afraid – of losing their jobs in a tiny, but competitive, totally unlegislated, job market. Workplace dictators did as they pleased. Attitudes such as “like it or lump it”; “there are plenty more where you come from, waiting in the wings for a sorely-needed job opportunity” prevailed for decades.

Fear will never be effective in achieving a culture of and commitment to organisational development, growth, cohesion, and success. Besides, modern labour laws are there to ensure mutual fairness and curb bad business practices.

Nonetheless, organisational development services are outside the scope of the best labour laws. For such services, and more, you and your company need the qualified, experienced performance experts at Orgro.
Grow or Stagnate and Cease

One of the most effective and harmonious methods of introducing your personnel to effectual organisational improvement principles and encouraging them to learn about, consider and adopt these concepts within your company, is via the hands-on, interactive services offered by Orgro, who specialise in this field.

The Orgro team comprises industrial psychologists, coaches, psychometrists, business experts and consultants, as well as facilitators. All Orgro folks are passionate about their individual specialities, their team initiatives, and services, and above all, people – the wonderful, interesting, funny, serious, curious, and fascinating human beings who evolved from primate species and have continued developing throughout untold millennia.

However, human development didn’t stop there. If it did, people and their societies and organisations would stagnate, become obsolete and fade away into oblivion. Life, as we know it, would become meaningless during the comparatively short time it would take for Homo sapiens to cease all its collective societal and organisational activities.

Aspects of Orgro’s Organisational Improvement Services

Our range of holistic services and associated programmes are categorised under three broad disciplines or headings – psychometric assessments, organisational development, and training and development. To ensure that the right people are suited to the right jobs and roles for which they have an in-built affinity.

  • Psychometric assessments are designed to appoint and develop the best, in support of individual and group’s improvement.
  • Organisational development seeks to improve and maximise and align performance between the concern’s structure, process, people, and purpose.
  • Training and development must be geared to foster an attitude of learning that supports personal growth to benefit individuals, teams, and the active, relevant company.

Service Solutions

Your staff – your people, have the potential to develop and grow your organisation and their own inherent personal performance. With commitment, drive and the application of Orgro’s superb services, and together, a fine, happy, high-performing organisation is within reach.

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