Human Resources is the Driving Force of Organisational Development

Why Human Resources is a Driving Force of Organisational Development

Adapt or fail – that is the ultimatum many companies are facing in our current economic climate. Organisations are forced at every turn to think of innovative ways to grow and improve – while still maintaining the goals that make them who they are. We at Orgro have a keen eye for potential and how best to draw out the strengths upon which companies are built. We take what you have already got and identify key strategies of harnessing your organisation’s inherent capabilities to do more, grow more, and flourish. One area that is always important in organisational development is the role of Human Resources (HR). While there are key differences between Human Resources and organisational development, the two go hand-in-hand when it comes to how well a company performs.

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What Organisational Development is All About

Organisational development is the process of taking an honest look at where your company is currently, where it wants to go, and how to get there. It may be the case that your current structure is not doing you any favours, and a redesign is needed. That is where our assistance comes in. We gain both an up-close-and-personal perspective, as well as a bird’s eye view, of what your company is about. We use an action-research approach to gain invaluable insight on who you are, and then make recommendations based on in-depth assessments. It’s a collaborative process that keeps you in the loop at all times, helping you to make changes with which you are comfortable. At Orgro, there are nine, essential elements that we prioritise, namely:

  1. Organisational design.
  2. Performance management planning.
  3. Change management.
  4. Conflict facilitation and mediation.
  5. Surveys that provide insight.
  6. Team interventions.
  7. Strategic objectives and aligning vision and mission.
  8. Facilitating wellbeing and resilience.
  9. Profiling, evaluating, and grading jobs.

Individuals and processes that function more efficiently translate to meaningful change for your company and all who are involved in it. By maximising employee and systems potential, you will achieve greater organisational success. The key to this entire process is your Human Resources department.

Read more about Organisational Development through group cohesion here.

How Human Resources is Meant to Function

The HR team within your organisation is meant to manage the employment process, help the organisation comply with laws and policies, and help to protect the company from any workforce-related risks. Important areas of focus often include recruitment and termination, compensation, training and development, and performance management.


HR is Imperative in Organisational Development

People are at the heart of an organisation’s success or failure. Your HR team’s sole focus is these very people. HR professionals are often in the most suitable position to help enact the changes that drive organisational development. By using goal-driven techniques, HR professionals play an instrumental role in strategic change interventions.

Because we understand the valuable role that Human Resources plays in organisational development, our solutions will help your company find the best way forward. With research, actionable insights, resources, and industry-relevant tools, Orgro will empower you to make those needed changes. For more information, Contact Orgro Today or Visit Us On Facebook.

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