Improving Staff Performance Improves Every Workplace Element

We, at Orgro, regret the necessity of occasionally being somewhat blunt and very direct, but we never attempt to hide the truth or the less pleasant aspects of business, nor the positive potential for future development and improvement of staff members’ abilities, and present performance.

Improve Staff Performance

A Straightforward Word of Caution

If you are of the opinion that your staff complement is performing perfectly, and that their performanceand that of your organisation – cannot possibly be improved upon, you may be somewhat out of touch with reality, living in a dream, utopian world, one that just does not exist here on earth, particularly not in the world of competitive business.

In most instances, improved performance is the order of the day, month, year and beyond, because perfection seldom, if ever, exists. However, striving for perfection is admirable, because it is a perpetual, on-going quest that avoids the possibility of your business becoming static, stagnant and in time, obsolete and irrelevant.

Deal with the Facts

No one deliberately consigns their organisation to the so-called “File Thirteen”, nor do they wish to enable its decline. We don’t intend to patronise, but we always face and deal with true organisational situations, as and when we find them, without mincing words or smoothing over relevant findings.

Our professional experience has taught us that the old saying, now a cliché, is true: “Prevention is better than cure”, hence our cautionary words. It is only when facing the facts, that one can develop and implement measures and processes for improved staff performanceone of the key areas of Orgro’s targeted intervention and improvement strategies.

A Defined Plan

One cannot simply pluck a staff performance improvement strategy out of thin air, because an effective plan may be complex and is usually multi-faceted, consisting of one or more goals and numerous defined, measurable steps towards attainment.

Identify, Recognise and Accept

Firstly, the need for performance improvement should be recognised, identified and accepted by personnel, across the board, since no one in a business-minded operation performs in isolation. It’s normally a circle within circles and wheel within wheels concept, much like a ripple effect. One action or lack thereof affects many other staff members, positively or negatively.

A Holistic Approach

Orgro typically takes a holistic approach in all aspects of staff performance improvement strategies. Some of the issues we address include:

  • Realistic goal setting
  • Job profiling
  • Developing, applying and implementing relevant and customised performance management systems
  • Engagement and motivation on both personal and group or team levels
  • Recognition of stellar and improved staff performance, appropriate compensation for efforts and successes, as well as development of appropriate, performancelinked reward schemes

Not all performance and productivity issues are created by personnel. It may happen that the job itself needs to be reconstructed to boost and improve the opportunities for employees to engage meaningfully with their appointed tasks, an element that goes a long way towards enhancing workplace accomplishments.

With Orgro as your partner, our people- and peak performanceoriented professional teams are trained and equipped to guide your existing and potential leaders in the relevant aspects of coaching others, developing leadership qualities and creating personal development plans of the type that enterprising staff members buy into, because they’re motivated to improve and enhance their personal and work potential.

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