Improve Performance and Productivity of Employees

7 Ways to Improve the Performance and Productivity of Your Employees

An already highly competitive business environment was made even more challenging by the global events of 2020. As many people are struggling to adjust to the new framework within which we operate, performance and productivity in the workplace often suffer, and quite understandably so. However, given the more difficult economic conditions, it’s more important than ever for companies to step up their game. This is causing many managers to explore fresh ways in which to improve the performance and productivity of their employees.

Now, it should be needless to mention that applying additional pressure will not improve the performance and productivity of employees. In fact, it is guaranteed to have an adverse effect. It will stifle energy and the quality of work. We have to realise and consider the fact that circumstances are not normal right now, and uncertainty is the enemy of focus. People have more pressing issues to attend to, and that is fair and must be accommodated.

So, that considered, here are a few healthy, sustainable ways to improve the performance and productivity of employees:

  1. Invest in Leadership Development

If you want to improve the performance and productivity of your employees, start at the top. A good leader knows how to manage people, how to assign responsibility and how to manage challenges. With a strong leader in place, the rest of your team will also shine brighter.

  1. Set Goals

Often, it is a lack of direction that causes employee performance levels to decrease. By setting clear and reasonable goals, you provide your team with a milestone to work towards, as well as the direction on how to get there. Additionally, it provides a reward in the form of achievement, which acts as a motivator.

  1. Improve Communication

Poor communication leads to instructions and expectations being lost in translation, challenges and solutions not being escalated, creativity being stifled, and friction to be magnified, all combining to create a toxic work environment that is not conducive to productivity.

  1. Provide Feedback and Coaching

Help people to improve their performance and productivity. Don’t simply assume employees know what to do to meet and exceed the expectations of the company or role. Most people want to learn and improve, so provide them with constructive feedback and coaching sessions.

  1. Facilitate Learning and Development

Don’t stop at coaching. Kickstart the performance of your employees with powerful, purposeful people development. Invest in your team – they will feel valued, as well as acquire the necessary skills to support and enhance the work they are delivering now, and in the future.

  1. Understand Your Team

Different people require different stimuli to perform. A series of tests and assessments exist to help you uncover the dynamics of individual team members. Only when you truly understand how they operate and what drives them, can you improve the performance and productivity of your employees in a meaningful manner.

  1. Team Up with Orgro to Unlock Your Team’s Potential

By using a combination of psychometric tests, training, and organisational development, we can help you improve the performance and productivity of your employees. Get in touch to find out how we can partner with you to build a high-performing workplace.


By Orgro

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