How to Create a Strong Sales Force with Sales Training

To retain top talent, it is essential to facilitate personal development within the company. Part of this includes the creation of a learning mindset within the organisation. Active learning opportunities give employees a reason to stay loyal to a company. With the uncertainty that the world of commerce faces, sales training is one of the essentials to equip staff members with much-needed skills for increasing sales conversions to help maintain the company’s competitive edge in the marketplace.

Of course, sales training not only helps the company to overcome an income or turnover plateau but to also create a stronger and more coherent workforce. Apart from such, the company can claim tax incentives for SETA accredited sales training expenses.

Product knowledge, presentation skills, ability to communicate clearly and understanding of buyer behaviour are all aspects that help to increase the confidence with which people can approach potential buyers. For this reason, it is essential to equip your staff with the knowledge, tools and skills they need to sell with confidence.

Sales Training

Dealing with Difficult Prospects

Whether having to convince a person to buy or make use of a service through a phone call or direct person-to-person contact, failure is imminent if the salesperson gives up too soon. The secret lies in persistence without stalking. With only a small percentage of people willing to go the extra mile in developing trust with the prospect, it comes as no surprise when we state that more than 50% of salespeople give up too soon.

The right training can help your crew learn how to build trust and stay motivated, enabling them to position themselves better to maximise on opportunities. They will learn how to capture and retain attention, as well as get prospective buyers to engage with them.

The Art of Communication

The first step towards a successful sale is effective communication. A skilled seller knows how to create a proposal that provides true value, whereas the average seller just offers a simple quote. Many meetings with prospective buyers end where the sellers are required to quote or to put forward a proposal, and this is where most fail. Dreading the process, they simply give a dull proposal or factual quote, instead of using the opportunity to lockdown the sale. Effective training teaches how to use the opportunity to increase sales conversions. Teach your team how to put forward winning proposals and you will see the results in your turnover.

Learn to Listen, Don’t Talk

Babbling on about the benefits of a product or the achievements of the company, etc., does nothing for turning a lead into a sale. The best communication is not talking but listening. Most people listen for two or three seconds and then start to think about what they want to say or ask. Is that listening? Certainly not. Rather than speaking, it is often the best course of action to listen to the customer. By doing so, it is possible to solve the customer’s problems. Giving a true solution is a sure way to win trust. And that is what sales training also teaches your people – to listen.

Nail It! Don’t Let the Closing Opportunity Pass

What do all the actions help if the sale cannot be closed? Here too is where many sellers fall short in recognising the signal for a definite buy. Once the golden moment presents itself, it is time to move as swift and effective as a leopard going in for the attack. Perhaps not the way you want to see your team – as hunters, but if they fail to close, your firm loses money. Once the buyer states something like “how do we go forward” or “when do we start” or “where can I sign” and the seller keeps on talking about all the amazing features of the product, the opportunity passes. Effective sales training teaches the seller how to nail it!

The Art of Negotiation

It’s not the art of persuasion, instead, it is about interaction. Give a little, take a little. Compromise here and ask there. Knowing how to negotiate a contract takes skill. It is often an overlooked part when it comes to selling. Not every product is straightforward. Perhaps your firm wants the contract to build a new complex. Do you have the best negotiator at the table? Do you know that it’s also a form of selling? That’s another skill that your team can develop with the right sales training.


We’ve talked about sale training, why it’s essential, what it teaches, and how your company benefits. It’s time we stop and listen to what you want. Tell us about your sales training needs.

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