Holistic Approach to Effective Enterprise Performance Management

Performance and the assessment of it take place on an almost daily basis, in one form or another. Very often, people are not even aware that their opinions, evaluations and judgements are directly related to efficient, expected function. This is when Enterprise Performance Management comes into play.

Random Examples

Take motor vehicles, for example. Enthusiasts and those contemplating the purchase of a car, SUV or truck meticulously study the manufacturer’s specifications and drivers’ test reviews to ascertain whether the vehicle’s claimed performance is accurate and meets their requirements.

If the maker of a mobile phone states that their product has a certain battery life before it requires recharging, the customer expects his device to perform accordingly. Pretty much the same goes for almost everything else.

It may be the results achieved by one’s favourite sports team, the degree to which a pain-relieving medication eases one’s aches, the purported energy consumption of an appliance, the quality and merit of a theatre production or film, or the yield produced by an investment.

An Inferior Failure?

The list goes on… If performance is not up to scratch, the product or activity is deemed to be inferior, because it has failed to meet and conform to expectations.

Pertinent Question

Once one recognises just how performance-driven modern human beings are, there’s an important business-related question that arises. Why don’t all people pay the same amount of attention to their own individual and/or group performance at work? After all, the enterprise that employs them provides its management team and the employees they manage an opportunity to earn a living.

It appears that there is a measure of contradiction when it comes to complex, sometimes contrary people and their behaviour. In general, one tends to make excuses on behalf of fellow human beings, by inadvertently applying less strict, more forgiving standards of performance to fellow human beings, especially workplace colleagues.

Fortunately, people can modify and improve their behaviour and workplace functions; an enterprise’s management team can also be equipped with effective goal-directed measures, skills, and strategies to guide and mentor improved productivity and optimal function.

Managing Productivity in an Enterprise

Before implementing a new management strategy, it should be planned systematically, since no two enterprises are the same. At Orgro, our enterprise performance management programmes are adapted and customised to meet the requirements of each and every client’s individual enterprise. There’s no single, uniform approach.

Planning includes:

  • Realistic goal setting
  • Job profiling
  • Recognition, incentives and rewards
  • Motivation, participation, frank, honest and open discussion and communication
  • Management scheme and structures

In partnership with your enterprise, Orgro creates or updates various pertinent aspects of performance:

  • Policy
  • Management system
  • Interventions, where necessary, plus incentive/bonus schemes
  • Committed sense of purpose throughout the organisation, at all levels
  • Coaching skills
  • Personal development plans

When everyone within an organisation is equipped and committed to challenging themselves, their abilities, and best efforts, and they evaluate how productive they’ve been, each individual, every team and/or division is performing really well, to the benefit of all parties, individually and in concert – as a successful, high-performance enterprise.

Equipped with management strategies, skills and solutions that deliver desired results, why not enable your greatest assets – your people – to grow, promote and achieve the aspirations that will help to transform your personnel, your bottom line, and your enterprise as a whole into a holistic winning combination?

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