Group Cohesion – Key Aspect of Orgro’s Organisation Development Strategies

Without cohesion, specifically in a group context, any and every organisation, be it a large corporate entity, medium or small business enterprise, sports team, factory or service provider, would gradually (or worst case scenario – rapidly) deteriorate and decline, eventually failing and closing its doors.

It would no longer be relevant, viable or competitive if all role players were pulling in different directions. Why? Such decline may be due to a lack of cohesion amongst the group’s individual members, as well as between the internal groups and divisions within the organisation.

Organisational Development - Group Cohesion

Cohesion Explained

Moreover, what is cohesion? This concept, in the context of strategic organisational development and the development of its diverse groups of people, is a key aspect of what we do – with and for our clients – at Orgro (formerly known as FWA Organisational Development).

By Definition

Cohesion may be defined as “the action and fact of forming a united whole”, in this case consisting of a group of people working for the same company and having a common goal towards which they perform their duties, ideally engaging their full common and group potential.

Cute Cohesive Group of Frogs

It also means that employees should stick together and unify, as a cohesive group, all working towards the same identified goal/s. Sir Paul McCartney recorded a hit song and accompanying music video in the late eighties.

Unified in Song

The music video features cartoon frogs jumping about in a cartoon pond, and they unequivocally inform listeners thus: “We All Stand Together”. Phrases such as “arm in arm”, “hand in hand”, “side by side” and “we’ll never give in” clearly convey a strong group ethic, dynamic and team cohesion, no matter what challenges may come the froggies’ way.

They are unified in song, determination and a common, undaunted spirit. There’s an exceptionally wise and positive sentiment in that. Stick together they will. Additionally, the band of frogs didn’t go as far as copying the Three Musketeers’ motto, “one for all, all for one”, but their commitment to stand together at all times is definitely implied the musketeers’ maxim.

People’s People

Nonetheless, your employees are people, not aspirational amphibians or people going about flourishing muskets and other firearms. Therefore, in order to be inspired to become a truly cohesive group, your people may require strategic, targeted professional services, such as those provided by a people-oriented, cohesive group of specialists, like the qualified, professional team at Orgro.

The Orgro Team

Our Orgro team consists of psychometrists, psychologists, coaches, problem-solvers and business specialists that focus on developing people, their potential, performance and relevant strategic organisational change, when and where required. Elements of most such professional specialities are brought to bear in order to develop and cement a culture of group cohesion within the organisation.

Transforming Resistance into Team Commitment

Invariably, some people may be stubborn and resistant to change; one cannot force another person to become a team player or active participant in a group. This tendency normally manifests when there is uncertainty and insecurity within a team.

However, resistance can be altered, overcome and transformed into a positive alliance, by implementing effective strategies that foster a healthy, willing change of attitude. In so doing, one brings about employees’ buy-in and a commitment to the intermediate and larger, longer term, sustainable group.

Stand Together and Stand Strong

According to two oft-used sayings, “those who stand together stand strong” and “there’s strength in numbers”. When referring to numbers of people, together, one is automatically referring to a group, ideally a bonded set of people with the same or similar goal in mind.

When a group of people stand together as a cohesive unit, the respect, trust and back one another up willingly and voluntarily, without being told to do so.

Orgro’s team-based interventions are designed to foster stronger, more resilient relationships and insights, whilst improving work dynamics and revealing additional requirements to get the organisation’s teams working together, better than ever.

Working Better as a Passionate Team

Working together cohesively means working better – in individual, team and overall context. This, Orgro continues to do, with and for our clients. We invite you to contact us, so that we may assist your organisation and your people to outperform your and their expectations, as a passionate, productive and high-performing cohesive group, set for superb success in a job well done, jointly and severally.

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