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Performance Management

Performance, in any area or field, viewed in isolation, is not particularly meaningful. Instead, it is what you do with that performance and the management thereof that really defines the value and importance of actions or functions, especially if they are intended to be highly efficient.

Superior Engine Power

A high-performance engine typically produces an above-average amount of power without overstraining its capabilities, but this is only possible if this superior function – its optimal performance – is managed efficiently and effectively. Numerous variable factors affect the engine’s efficient function, which is in part judged according to its potential capacity, the source of its power and the energy that’s expended to deliver peak performance and function.

However, in order to function optimally, it’s important to ensure that all components of the engine perform in sync with one another. This requires competent management of the entire unit and its systems since one strives to obtain maximum function from the unit in its entirety.

Complex Components

Similarly, an organisation cannot function properly without its most important components, primarily its people, diverse and complex beings, who are vital for its operation, productivity, performance, and the attainment of its fundamental goal – out-performing competitors, growth, and sustainable success. This optimisation requires the implementation of effective, ongoing management strategies.


It’s just not possible for every person or organisation to be an expert in every field of endeavour, which is why modern society and the business world demand specialisation. Orgro specialises in the people management sector, specifically the optimisation of people’s inherent potential for personal development and growth, which should ideally be managed to benefit the individual employee and the team, as well as the group – the employer’s organisation.

Orgro was founded in 1982. Having been in the people management field for this length of time, we have a clear understanding and many years of expertise in our field and the factors that are entailed to unlock and develop the amazing potential possessed by human beings.

Throughout these years, we at Orgro have also developed and grown alongside our clients by adapting our invaluable people-centric solutions to suit the times and the needs of South Africa’s continuously developing business world. At the same time, countless employees are still finding pleasure and passion in their enhanced productivity, peak performance and the rewards of a job well done – job satisfaction.

As in the example of a high-performance engine, people working to the best of their newly unlocked potential, as individual but vital parts, should function in concert with others for the overall improvement of the group’s function.

An Incontestable Fact

Can your people perform better, despite already working industriously? It’s an incontestable fact: people with potential virtually always have the abilities to function more effectively, providing they are motivated and managed in the most effective, best cooperative ways, because they are not machines or engines. They are thinking, feeling, cognitive and intelligent people.

Orgro’s Support Strategies

Our performance management strategies are holistic, since one cannot separate the elements that we engage to assist and support our clients and their workforces.

Factors to consider include realistic goal setting, job profiling, engagement – a key predictor of workplace performance – and motivation, relevant recognition, compensation and incentive systems, and, of course, the introduction of cohesive plans with which to mentor plans and structures.

Many successful organisations utilise a somewhat flatter management system, in which employees with leadership qualities are identified and developed. Effective strategies with which Orgro assists clients include identifying leaders and training them to be coaches who obtain peak productivity from their teams. Leaders facilitate relevant discussions and create personal development plans for all associated parties.

It’s important to implement personal development plans because an entire staff complement consists of diverse people with unique personalities, strengths, talents, aptitudes, backgrounds, interests and characteristics. A one-size-fits-all strategy is, therefore, unlikely to be effective, because one size (in every respect) simply does not fit everyone.

Managing Peak Performance

Encouraged and guided by Orgro’s in-house management initiatives, motivated high-functioning people begin to manage themselves, whilst the company’s management team oversees the so-called “bigger picture” – the ongoing achievement of peak-performing personal and corporate goals. Let Orgro show your people how to get the best results by utilising their potential to be the best at what they delight in doing.

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