Engaging Effective Organisation Development Services

Productivity and performance are key elements that feature prominently in successful organisations and enterprises of all types and sizes. If your company and staff complement is not performing optimally, you probably already know this and Organisational Development Services might be just right for you.

Organisational Development Services

Avoid Despair and Drastic Action

On the other hand, you may suspect that this is so, but aren’t 100% certain that a problem has developed, nor its extent, if so. In either event, there’s no need to throw your hands up in despair or consider dismissing everyone. Such an extreme action is exceptionally disruptive, as is recruiting new people and starting afresh once more, hoping and praying that you’ve found the right mix of competent, committed employees this time.

Are You the Only One?

It’s a tough, highly competitive old business world out there – for all role players, with little room or much sympathy for non-performers. However, it may appear to you that your competitors are forging ahead, despite challenges that may or should affect most concerns in your industry. Is your concern the only one that may be left behind, unless issues are addressed, professionally?

Organisational Development Services – The Ability to Help

How do you identify precisely which aspect of your organisation is underperforming? Once identified, how do you address this issue – effectively and efficiently – without affecting your company image or denting your personnel’s morale and self-confidence? Is there a group in South Africa that offers services that facilitate and help to develop essential and necessary change within a division and/or throughout your entire organisation?

FWA Organisational Development is the former name of our company, now known as “Orgro”, which is an indication of our mission to help organisations grow, thrive, and attain success in a productive, performance-driven, goal-oriented, and healthy operational environment.

Development and various other allied services are integral to our programmes and solutions, which are designed and developed to ensure that, when adopted and implemented, these self-same services, in partnership with you and your personnel, deliver the required positive results. Services involve a multifaceted approach.

Pertinent Services

Organisational development services initially conduct assessments with which to obtain an understanding of current circumstances, and through collaboration with your identified project team, assists the company to implement and manage recommended and necessary change strategies.

We create platforms for your personnel to challenge themselves and their individual and group performance, which is far more effective than having a superior figure issuing a challenge in a way that may be perceived as being confrontational.

  • Because change usually brings with it uncertainty, resistance and fear, some employees may react negatively. Honest, open, and transparent communication is a key element of effective change management that does away with performance-crushing negativity.
  • Confrontation and conflict don’t align with Orgro’s organisational development service’s strategies, but are occasionally unavoidable in any situation involving complex beings – people. In partnership with your personnel, we guide them to develop their mediation and conflict resolution skills.
  • In any and every organisation, the people who work there are the people who know the inner workings of the concern; they’re a mine of information. Again, open and effective communication is key to fully understanding aspects of the business that may not be immediately apparent.

Attaining an organisation’s goals by improving productivity and performance always involves people. Maximising these aspects by engaging Orgro’s development services – structure, process, purpose, and people – and you’re well on the way to on-going success.

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