Employee Personality Testing

Both Employer and Employee Benefit from Personality Testing. Here’s Why.

The concept of employee personality testing is certainly not new, but it has developed significantly in recent years to continuously provide us with more focussed and meaningful insights. If applied with intent, the benefits are clear for both the employer as an organisation and the employee as an individual.

To fully reap the benefits provided by employee personality testing, it’s essential to understand that there is no single test, but rather a range of assessments available, each designed to uncover a specific insight that is relevant to a defined goal. It’s also not sufficient to find a multiple-choice quiz online to see what type of employee someone is. For accurate and reliable insights, personality testing must be conducted by a professional in accordance with the accepted industry standards.

Orgro is a trusted provider of employee personality testing. Founded in 1982, our team of industrial psychologists, coaches, business experts, and facilitators have notable experience in the organisational development field. We specialise in people development, including psychometric assessments.

In terms of psychometric assessments, we employ a range of South African and international methods with the key aim of aiding both organisational and individual development. These psychometric assessments allow us to provide a meticulous and objective summary of an individual’s aptitude, strengths, development areas and character, which helps an employer to make informed decisions at crucial moments.

For an employer, these crucial moments include:

  • Employing the top talent available
  • Developing remarkable teams
  • Identifying and developing future leaders
  • Creating effective employee development strategies that deliver on investment
  • Supporting a healthy, positive work environment

For an employee, the benefits of personality testing can include:

  • Creating career pathways
  • Making informed employment choices
  • Building confidence regarding skills and the ability to tackle a role or challenge
  • Improving job satisfaction

The range of employee personality testing and psychometric assessments we provide include:

  • Personality: This helps to determine whether the characteristics of an individual complements the key functions of a role, and to predict future behaviour within a role.
  • Aptitude: Aptitude refers to an individual’s ability to perform certain tasks. Valued as the best predictor of workplace effectiveness, it allows employers to hire the right candidate for a role.
  • Emotional Intelligence: It tests the ability of an individual to develop and maintain relationships, cope with challenges, regulate emotions, express themselves effectively and perform critical decision making.
  • Cognitive and Learning Potential: This measure cognitive processes valued in problem-solving, such as conceptual thinking, complex situational judgement and strategic versus operational inclination.
  • Integrity: By assessing individual integrity and ethical standing, an employer can potentially predict counterproductive work behaviour and avoid potential future costs.
  • Values: This provides insights into a workplace’s culture, motivation, and value systems to gauge priorities and decision-making frameworks.
  • Career Pathing: These help individuals to identify careers that meet their personal interests, personality, and aptitude in order to build successful and enjoyable careers.

Interviews can only take you so far. Contact Orgro to find out more about how employee personality testing can benefit your organisation as well as your employees as talented individuals.

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