Employee Performance Management

The Value of Employee Performance Management

A significant percentage of people consider employee performance management to be one of those compulsory tasks that simply need to be completed because that’s the expectation. It is seen by too many as a nuisance or waste of time, rather than the exceptionally valuable and powerful tool it ought to be. This impression can be a clear indication that the approach taken by an organisation is either outdated or insufficient.

When conducted correctly, the process of employee performance management is one that is uplifting, motivates and develops the individual, which then benefits the productivity or efficacy of the organisation too.

Boost Productivity

As the phrase suggests, the main objective is to manage the performance of your employees. Proper management includes not only rating how an employee performs, but also identifying any areas where they can benefit from support or skills development to help them improve. The better employees perform, the more productive they are, and the more productive your team and organisation will be as a whole.

Increase Staff Morale

It is the ideal tool to increase staff engagement through support and development. This, in turn, improves confidence in the workplace and creates a more relaxed and positive environment. When staff feel that they have a voice, are supported, and that their effort matters, they tend to be much more engaged in their work, put in extra effort, and produce better results. The sense of accomplishment created by improved performance and recognition further adds to good staff morale.

Identify Future Leaders and Skills Development Opportunities

Intentional and focussed employee performance management allows managers to identify areas where improvement can be facilitated through enhanced skills development, thus resulting in improved results. Additionally, it also allows for the identification of future leaders and enables investment in these individuals in order to grow them into the next generation of pioneers within the organisation. By identifying and developing existing team members, an organisation can both save on long-term expenses related to recruiting new leaders and ensure better continuity within the organisation.

Minimise Staff Turnover

Another significant benefit of strategic skills development and increased staff morale as a result of effective employee performance management is a decrease in staff turnover. Typically, a high-staff turnover is exceptionally costly for any business, and it can also be alarmingly disruptive. Any measures that limit an organisation’s staff turnover should be considered an investment in its future, its productivity, and its profitability.

Increase Flexibility

The better skilled your team is, the more confident they will be in performing their duties. More confidence leads to improved engagement. And the more engaged your team is, the more flexible they are with regards to performing tasks and solving challenges. This makes your enterprise as a whole more flexible and able to respond quickly and efficiently to changing markets and environments.

Meet the Demands of the Ever-Changing World of Business

Business can be messy, but it doesn’t have to be. Revisions and clarity are needed to keep you ahead of the pack and in charge of your success. Orgro meets you where you are to begin the journey towards where you want to be. Talk to us about effective employee performance management and let us help you unlock the full potential of your talented team.

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