How to Know if Your Company Would Benefit from New Employee Motivation Strategies

Motivation is at the heart of everything humans do – whether it’s eating a snack or exploring the vast expanse of space. It’s what drives us and gives our actions meaning, and it is an essential part of employee productivity and performance. If you would like to learn more about whether your organisation may benefit from strategies that improve the happiness and satisfaction of each employee, keep reading.


Why Compensation and Career Perks Are Not Always Enough

Extrinsic rewards like salary increases, bonuses, and company perks are certainly motivating and will attract and retain talent, but intrinsic rewards are essential too. Factors like well-being, a feeling of fulfilment or purpose, a sense of achievement, development as a person, and belonging to a greater team are intrinsic rewards that are just as crucial for many people. Understanding what drives employee motivation, therefore, must begin with strategies that address both extrinsic and intrinsic reward systems.

Employee Motivation

Signs Your Teams May Feel Demotivated

Not all team members and employees will display demotivation in the same way, but there are a few, clear signs that company morale is low, and that people are unwilling to invest passion and time into their job. Some red flags include:

  • The organisation’s failure to retain talent, along with a high employee turnover rate.
  • Employees who are consistently late or absent.
  • Teams who seem apathetic, uninterested, or bored.
  • A decrease in productivity, and an increase in low-quality work, or sudden failure to meet company objectives.
  • A decrease in engagement with the social culture of the organisation.
  • Lack of initiative when it comes to work, brainstorming, meetings, and discussions.
  • An increase in interpersonal conflicts within the workplace among colleagues and superiors.

Recognising the signs of demoralised team members is the first step in dealing with the issue.


Effective Motivation Starts with Leadership

Motivated employees are hungry for success, they are engaged and ready to assist, and they often go the extra mile to meet objectives. Eager to grow and learn, motivated employees are far more productive – which is essential to the success of any organisation. This motivation begins with the leadership and structures in place that make it possible to:

  • Help team members feel that their happiness and fulfilment are important to the company.
  • Allow employees to be heard and feel that they are welcomed and embraced in the problem-solving process.
  • Invite team members to become partners in achieving the greater vision and mission of the organisation.
  • Give teams a degree of autonomy and independence so they feel better in control of their time, energy, and tasks.
  • Acknowledge employees who work hard with praise and thoughtful rewards.
  • Support the mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being of team members with well-rounded approaches to these issues.


We Can Assist with Holistic Performance Management Planning

As experts in organisational development and employee performance, we know that performance does not happen in isolation. It is a complex concept that involves factors such as motivation, engagement, job profiling, goal setting, and performance management systems. We can assist you with addressing these factors, which will boost the productivity of your staff and help your company meet the demands of an ever-changing industry.

For more information, speak to us today.

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