Change Management Strategies 

Management Strategies that Help Companies Cope with Change

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Change is inevitable and change is constant, so it is said, and we at Orgro see no reason to differ. How productive, good, positive or beneficial said change really is, depends very much on the efficiency and efficacy of the relevant change management function/s to control and monitor the adjustments and amendments that are implemented.

Guide, Support, Mentor and Measure

An effective and successful change management programme and its fundamental function is designed to support, measure, guide and monitor the change process and subsequent outcomes of newly implemented strategic decisions.

When Personnel Persistently Move Elsewhere

Speaking of people, they are an organisation’s most important assets. However, when the company consistently has a high employee turnover, it’s possibly an indication that something is wrong somewhere, for some reason; perhaps a management issue.

Therefore, it’s imperative to investigate why the staff turnover is high, so it can be minimised. High personnel turnover is costly. When a business loses trained personnel, they need to be replaced and trained once again, during which they’re less productive. Additionally, excessive employee turnover creates negativity amongst those who remain.

7 Change Management Strategies

Orgro, our people-centred company, specialises in developing the performance potential and fulfilment of employees in their workplace roles. We provide 7 inter-related management activities that support effectively-managed change.

Orgro’s customised change management activities are invaluable in addressing and minimising employee turnover, while also improving understanding, productivity and performance.

  • Performance – our approach at Orgro is holistic, because we’re dealing with the growth, development of potentially peak-performing people. This multi-faceted activity includes goal setting, job profiling, performance control systems, engagement, recognition, reward schemes and remuneration. Orgro is perfectly placed to help you establish or refresh your programmes, policies, structures and, where necessary, interventions.
  • Change – with Orgro as your interactive partner, you may help to overcome employees’ resistance to essential organisational changes, and also instil a renewed sense of commitment and purpose in the organisation and its people.
  • Conflict and mediation – effective mediation strategies to address and resolve interpersonal conflict between teams and individuals.
  • Surveys – establish the company’s climate as it really is, from the inside, not merely as you think it is or want it to be. Our holistic Orgro-assisted approach is holistic.
  • Team interventions – foster understanding, strengthen relationships and improve workplace dynamics.
  • Strategy, mission and vision – deliver value by defining and understanding what you do, how you do it and why – crucial elements in development, growth and enhanced performance.
  • Well-being and resilience – resilience training and performance coaching, teaching employees how to meet challenges and cope with work and other stresses.
  • Job profiling, evaluation and grading – appointing the right person, with the potential to develop, grow and perform optimally in the right, most suitable role or job – the key to retaining talented employees in your organisation.

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Fulfilling Roles for Fulfilled Employees

In today’s changing world of the workplace, an organisation’s people are affected in their respective new or amended roles. Therefore, it’s vitally important that all be united and committed to pursuing common, organisational goals, whilst also finding fulfilment in achieving team and personal goals.

Fulfilled employees tend to stay, whilst those who aren’t, invariably move on. By partnering with Orgro, you can create fulfilling roles via appropriate change management strategies that help to ensure that your employee turnover is minimised and your performance and profits are maximised.

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