Why Effective Change Management Is Vital to Organisational Growth

“Out with the old, in with the new” is a phrase many people have come to dread. A break from the norm is sometimes risky and brings about new fears about an organisation’s ability to adapt to a different way of doing things. People and companies have comfort zones that feel safe but may lead to stagnation. In a fast-paced world that is ever-changing, keeping up with industry demands is essential – and an organisation that can roll with the punches is more likely to succeed. Every business face changes at some point and making the transition from old to new a seamless process will benefit everyone involved. We at Orgro help organisations flourish through offerings that include organisational design, holistic performance planning, and change management. We know that running a business is hard, especially with the current economic climate in South Africa, but evolving to meet every challenge is something we can help you do.

Change Management - Orgro

Changes Organisations Can Expect to Face

Changes within an organisation occur when major components like structures, processes, and people must be altered. This usually happens naturally as a business grows and must meet new market demands. It can also happen with new leadership, the implementation of new technologies or business models, or shifts within the teams or social culture of the company. There are disruptive elements to this evolution, and the associated risks are too great to tackle blindly. Organisations must tread carefully during this time to ensure the best possible outcome for the entire business.


Why Effective Change Management is Needed

Redesigning internal structures to meet these changes head-on is no small feat, and when done wrong, can cause irreparable damage to the organisation’s reputation, staff morale, and productivity. Change management is a process that aims to meet challenges faced at every step of the transition process – from the planning phase to implementing new processes. It promotes teamwork, accountability, flexibility, and openness by creating an environment that is supportive and agile. A strategic approach to major adaptations happens in steps or stages, and successfully navigating every leg of the journey may require outside help.


The Benefits of Objective Input

Organisations often make the mistake of thinking everything must be handled internally. This course of action may seem like it saves time and money, but it might create a lot of blind spots in the transition that negatively impact the company in the long run. Objective, external input by professional organisational development experts such as Orgro allows for many benefits, such as:


  • Taking control of change becomes a planned, well-organised process where success serves as a motivator and progress is easily assessed.
  • Organisational efficiency is maintained, and perhaps even improved, with effective management of the process.
  • Challenges are easier to predict and deal with.
  • Risks associated with changes are reduced.
  • It provides an ideal opportunity to address the development of best practices and procedures currently in place.


Change management, when implemented the right way, is advantageous on both an organisational level and an individual level for members of the company.


We can work alongside you and employ an action-research approach that will streamline positive transformation within your organisation. To learn more about our services, speak to us today.

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