FWA has rebranded to Orgro.

Orgro represents a personal, practical and expressive shift. 

FWA has rebranded to Orgro.

Orgro are industrial psychologists, psychometrists, business experts and coaches, focused on, inspired by and motivated by the potential of people. We are driven to deliver growth! Our brand is new but our work, passion and game plan are one and the same.


We are here to:

Make better people decisions.

Design for performance.

Uplift, upskill and empower.


Get people working better, together.


In over 38 years in business, working with and for people, we have shifted our perspective more than once, in order to develop our team and better service our growing client base.

We realised slowly — and then all of a sudden for certain — that our brand didn’t reflect who we were anymore. We had grown. Our leadership and core team had changed. Our offering had adapted. We needed a new identity that would accurately represent our passion and commitment to what we believe in: People and Performance.

So, we embarked on a journey of discovery. We thought a lot about what we do and why we do it, and we worked to articulate an identity that expressed why we come to work each day.


Why Orgro?

Orgro is quite simple really: Organisational growth. Performance that happens with, through and by people. Over 55 names were considered and shortlisted, only to be replaced by this one strong contender that revealed itself in a team brainstorm, proving, once again, that people make it happen. Together.


Our new logo

Simple, optimistic, progressive. Our logomark is an arrow, pointed upwards, towards better things. It speaks to direction, performance, our passion for growth and the potential that exists when you intentionally work with people. We’re aiming higher!

And more …

We have a revitalised brand expression, but we also have a renewed sense of purpose and an excitement for what’s next. More than ever, we are focused on offering valuable people solution services. Over the years, we have grown alongside South Africa and our clients. This rebrand is a new beginning, but it’s also a continuation of the journey. An important notch in the timeline of who we are.

Thank you for coming along with us. We look forward to growing together. 

Learn more at orgro.co.za

For any questions contact us at info@orgro.co.za

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